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Friday, August 24, 2012

Glimmer by Erica Swatches and Reviews!

Happy Friday! What are everyone's plans for the weekend? I have to go get a bed frame [boring] and start packing to move back to school.. Weird. In other news, I now have a facebook page for my polishes! Take a look: :]

So today I have some seriously pretty glitters for you. I have 6 stunning glitter toppers to show you all today from Glimmer by Erica!

Don't be a Drag, Just be a Queen
Barry M Raspberry, 2 coats

This polish is "a vibrant, sparkling red with silver prism glitter and beautiful red hearts" according to the listing. And it really is! I love how it looks like this at one coat, but for extra bling, definitely go for 2. I was also impressed with the formula on these, really smooth and got a good distribution and amount of glitter on each nail.

Muy Caliente
LtoR: Sally Hansen Red Carpet, Cult Nails Annalicious, OPI, Danke-Shiny Red, Essie Orange, it's Obvious

Muy Caliente, a "super sparkly mix of red, orange, and yellow glitters in a clear base", is one of my favorites!! I'm obsessed with these colors together. It's really fiery-looking. I'd love to do a glitter gradient with this! I can't decide which polish I like it best over, but it miiiiight be Orange, It's Obvious. Or Red Carpet. ahhh, don't make me choose!

50 Shades of No Gray
Essie Boxer Shorts on its own, 2 coats

50 Shades of No Gray is a "sparkly base with black and white hexes and black and white hearts". I'm not usually the biggest fan of heart glitter, but I think it looks really cute in this polish! Application and glitter distribution was the same, really great. I love the sparkly base a lot. I wish I had gotten like 1 or 2 more hearts, but that's the only slight downside.

LtoR: Zoya Song, China Glaze Starboard, OCC RX

Ethereal is a "blue and yellow micro fine glitter base with slightly larger blue and yellow hexes and even bigger blue, green and yellow hexes". I. LOVE. THE YELLOW GLITTERS. They really make such a difference! The polish is just so bright and happy because of it. I like it most over Song, it looks like a little galaxy:]

Green with Envy
LtoR: CG Emerald Sparkle, Cult Nails Deal with It, Revlon Rainforest

This is Green with Envy, " emerald green micro fine glitter, gold micro glitter, emerald green hexes, small gold squares, round gold holos and diamond holos". Uhm, yes please. Green + gold is one of my favorite combinations. I really love this over Deal with It!! I'm also a big fan of the green to gold ratio. Perfection!

Twilight Sky
LtoR: Milani Rad Purple, CG Manhunt, Barry M Raspberry

Finally, Twilight Sky: "a sparkling purple glitter base with purple, blue, and orange micro glitter, blue sapphire holo glitter, purple square glitter, and dark navy blue glitter, all in a clear lacquer base". I feel like the orange glitter in this one does the same thing as the yellow in Ethereal. Gorgeous. How pretty is this over purple??

Again, you can purchase Glimmer by Erica HERE, and honestly, I highly recommend them. Such pretty glitters!! I can't wait to do jelly sandwiches with these:]

**Some polishes were provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by this.**


  1. Don't Be a Drag Just Be a Queen literally made me laugh. What an awesome name!

    And while I know this post is about the glitters, I have to say that Boxer Shorts is such a great color on you!

  2. These are all very cute...I will have to check out that store sometime!

  3. So much awesomeness! Love them!