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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Phoenix Feathers

Hey lovelies! I'm scheduling this post because I'll be away in Pittsburgh this weekend:] See you Monday morning!!

asdhfkladsflajdfklajsd. Stunning stunning stunning. Run and get this now now now. Smooth formula, good dry time, LOOKS LIKE MAGIC ON MY NAILS. done.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Starlight & Sparkles Review [Part 2]

More pretties from Starlight and Sparkles for you today!

Farore [over Revlon Dreamer]

According to the listing, Farore "shifts through teal, green, light green, and gold". I definitely see the green and gold over this base, and it looks so soft to me:]

Silver Moon Crystal [over Sally Hansen Green Tea]

This is like the silvery-white version of Essie As Gold As It Gets to me. I love this kind of chunky flaky shimmer! Plus, this just looks like green tea ice cream:]

Nayru [over Cult Nails Time Traveler]

Favorite!! This is what I wore all last weekend, it's so. stinking. pretty. It looks like twinkling galaxies on your nails. It's one of my favorite layering combinations, definitely. The listing says that Nayru "shifts through turquoise, blue, and violet" and I definitely saw all of those color shifts IRL. Ugh! stunning.

Again, you can purchase these polishes [and many more stunners!] here at Starlight and Sparkles. I absolutely recommend these polishes! Go take a look now!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Starlight and Sparkles Review [Part 1]

Hello all! I have half of the lovely polishes I got to review from Starlight and Sparkles. I've ordered from this shop before, and I'm a big fan of all the duochrome shimmers and glitters! I'm going away for the weekend and I definitely plan on wearing Unicorn Tears ! I wore Dragon Scales in August for a long weekend away, and it held up so so well. I didn't have any chipping and really minimal tip wear. I usually can't comment on how long a polish wears [I change my polish too much! haha], but I can definitely recommend these. 

Din [over Essie Mesmerize]

Din is a duochrome glitter topcoat that "shifts through red, orange, gold, and green". It's also probably my favorite combination of these :] It really warmed up the blue base. I saw more orange and gold more than any other color and then some green was second runner up. Din is a subtle way to get some soft sparkle on your nail. Over black, it's definitely more of a dramatic effect, but I really wanted to see what these could do!

Splash Dream [over Essie Clutch Me if You Can]

Splash Dream is a really gorgeous chunky shimmer, "pink to gold, flashing violet at the extreme of the color range". I saw a lot of the pink-purple flashes and then when I tilted my hand around, I got some of that pretty gold to warm up the polish. 

Ever Blue [over Zoya Song] 

This has similar shimmer to Splash Dream, that duochrome-y, chunky shimmer. Ahh, so pretty. This is described as "blue to violet, flashing pink at the extreme of the color range". I mostly saw blue, then some purple, but I didn't get any pink over this base. 

These were all smooth, formula wise. Super easy to use :] And you get a TON of shimmer and glitter onto the nail in one coat. Go to Starlight and Sparkles to take a look at all the GORGEOUS polishes she has!

*Products were provided in exchange for an honest, unbiased review*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TT: Cars

Happy Twinsie Tuesday! Our posts today are supposed to be nails that are the same color as your car, which posed a problem for me, considering I don't have a car. So instead, I did nails inspired by the most famous car I can think of:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I AM just that cool. I had some really disastrous nail art fails before I decided to go with a ruffian. I used Zoya Sooki and Revlon Zealous for this look.

 One day, I will master the lightning bolt on my nails. Till then, ruffian manis! ;]

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Too Polished Review

Hello all! First things first, Irina from Gilded Feathers guessed it right, the polish was Winterfell from Not Too Polished! So Irina, if you see this, email me at please:]

Onto the review! There's a lot of pictures in this post, but seriously, you need to see them. Before I start, I need to say that all of these has an amazing formula. All were 2 coats with the exception of Tonks, which was a 3 coater] and Wolfsbane [a glitter topcoat]. My jaw dropped multiple times when swatching these. I kept being impressed over and over again with every nail I painted. Really great formula and the colors were also just great. There were some in here that I took a chance on liking, and I am SO glad I did. I love all of these, they literally are all a hit. And

So, while there's a lot of versions of red-glitter-in-black-base polishes, I'm a big fan of this for a lot of reasons. First, you get a LOT of glitter. Clearly a big fan of that! And second, this is completely opaque in 2 coats. So it wins in my book :]

!!This polish is named after the House Stark in the Song of Ice and Fire series/Game of Thrones show. And really, look how perfectly this captures the winter-y feel! I can't stop staring at the layers of glitter in this, those white glitters looks just like snow falling. And the shimmer looks just like frost. It's just so.. wow.

Red and gold makes one of my favorite combinations. And this is really well done! The red is a little more raspberry than straight red and the glitter is so reflective and really holo-y in person. Also, Harry Potter. I had to get it. I want a Ron and a Harry inspired polish!!

This is the only non-glitter I got this time. It's a great blue [with some grey thrown in] jelly-creme. And SO shiny. The formula was so even and went on really smoothly. I love the colors in this collection, I had such a hard time choosing one. I'll definitely need to pick up Dessicate, Flesh, Bone, and Blood soon.

Black and gold also holds a place in my heart. And look at this! It's just so shiny IRL, I died. The glitter is really similar to the glitter in Granger, really holo and reflective. Another win!

New favorite grey. I love love love the glitter in this base color, it is amazing. And perfect in 2 coats, which is really great for a light polish like this. This is probably my favorite out of the bunch, which was such a hard decision to make. Also, I really love Alice in Wonderland. I wrote my senior paper about it in high school!

Okay, so bubblegum pink is not usually my thing. BUT... I love this one too. The shade of pink just makes me happy and the contrasting color of the glitter really just works so well. And I'm a fan of the shimmer in here, it's really pretty.

The shimmer in this is so complex and gorgeous. Just look at how many colors there are in there! This was the only one of these that needed more than 2 coats, I have 3 coats on here. I want to try this over a light yellow creme and see if I can preserve the polish that way.

This is over a really pale pink and I love the combination of colors here. Eee, look at how great those colors look together. The white and yellow and brown really work and feel so fall-y. I feel like any more gushing would just be redundant, so I'll stop here :]

Can you tell how much I love these? I am so happy with these choices and the polishes are really stunning. I was so excited putting these on and I truly loved wearing them. If you haven't gone over to Not Too Polished's Etsy, you NEED to. I really think this is one of my favorite Etsy shops.

*Some of these polishes shown were provided to me for my fair, honest, and unbiased review*